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What’s in at Bumbles this weekend

Oct 17, 2020

Some newly arrived treats ready for the weekend here at Bumbles!

We have a number of variations of the autumn favourite Cyclamen, with the delicately tipped ‘Merengue’ and ‘Petticoat’ amongst others, as well as top ups in our ever expanding Skimmia, Viburnum and Buxus range for this Autumn and Winter.

Our indoor and exotic plant glasshouse is also freshly filled with an exciting and new additions included the ‘Dischidia Platyphylla’. This fascinating houseplant is native to the rainforest and has an interesting symbiotic relationship with Ants in its natural environment.  It’s really well worth a read up on and a great conversation point when introducing your new houseplant to any family members or guests!

We hope to see you soon and hope you all have a great weekend.

Merengue Cyclamen at Bumbles, October 2020

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