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Water saving tips

Aug 12, 2022

A water-wise garden requires less maintenance than normal gardens, while helping to contribute towards preserving the environment. By using water sustainable and resourceful ways, we will be able to save water while still enjoying its benefits.

Choose water-wise plants

Low maintenance and happy to thrive in water-strapped conditions, hardy water-wise succulents are the perfect go-to when trying to save water. And they make quite the statement!

Group plants according to their water needs.

This way you can choose plants which might be very beautiful, but which might require more water.

Plan your planting

Remember to plant more perennials than summer annuals, as they have deeper root systems and need less watering during the warmer months of the year.

Improve your soil and add mulch

Your soil’s water-holding capacity is improved by higher organic matter content. Mulching, which involves covering the soil with a thick layer of bark or compost, keeps your soil much more moist.

Pot plants

  • Placing woodchips around the base of outdoor pot plants will help the soil retain the water.
  • Cast stone pots stay much cooler than plastic ones, absorbing less heat during the day and necessitating less watering.

Nourish your soil

The only way to fix dry soil is to dig in plenty of organic matter which assists in retaining moisture, this can be well-rotted garden compost made from leaves, including lawn clippings or animal manure.

Save water from the kitchen

Use the ‘grey’ water left over from washing the dishes and hand-washing to water your plants! As long as it isn’t too contaminated with food scraps and grease, and doesn’t contain bleach, it is safe to use on plants. Another top tip is saving the water that runs as the hot tap heats up.

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Water saving tips from the team at Bumbles, August 2022

Water saving tips from the team at Bumbles, August 2022

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