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Tranquillity Corner

Mar 8, 2019

Welcome to our ‘tranquility corner’ found towards the back of our new plant area.

Decorated with acers and a 2 seater hammock chair, we came up with the idea to offer people in the local area and visitors to the garden centre a peaceful spot to sit and reflect and enjoy Mother Nature.

There has been a lot of awareness recently brought to our mental health as people and I think we are all aware of just how busy life can be and how overwhelming it can all be at times.

The best thing to come out of everything that has happened to my dad and my family over the last 18 months is to see the amazing local support Bumbles has received, and to realise how important taking a moment to download and breathe is when life throws a challenge our way.

So much of ‘business’ is focused on ‘making money’ and whilst yes, it is necessary, it has always been my dad Jeremy’s and through him my own thoughts to be more than just a ‘business’ and to offer something to the community and not just look to take.

The tranquility corner for me is one of our ‘give backs’ an area that we hope can be of use to those who would like to take some time to sit and reflect and enjoy the views and an escape.

I can’t wait to see how beautiful this space will look once the amazing colours of the Acers begin to show off for us when they are ready!

Once again our new plant area, exotic and indoor plant glasshouse and our tranquillity corner are now open to wonder, shop and enjoy!

Tranquillity corner at Bumbles Plant Centre

Tranquillity corner at Bumbles Plant Centre

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