The latest ramble with Ross around the plant area…

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The latest ramble with Ross around the plant area…

Feb 21, 2021

Join Ross as he walks around the plant area and polytunnel to give you a visual of what’s in at Bumbles in February 2021. We hope this is a useful guide, especially if you can’t visit us in person at the moment and would like to use our ‘Click & Collect’ service.

The following text is captured from each of the videos. From the first video: 

Walking in from the main entrance, we have new water features this year, a great project for Spring to bring a new feature to your garden. Plants around the water feature are Edgeworthia chrysantha – the heads on this plant burst out with fragrant yellow flowers in late winter and early spring. Plus some huge Phormiums looking very jungular!

The start of our spring colour with some Priumulas and Polyanthus looking beautiful. Lovely fine flowers on Hebe celine, plant in the spring this shrub like full sun or partial shade. The glossy mid-green leaves give year-round interest. Still time for winter interest with Skimmia japonica reevesiana. This is a self fertile skimmia, it doesn’t need a male plant to fertilise in order to get the berries, this shrub will have berries all year round. Great value bowls of bulbs including Hyacinth, Daffodils and Grape Hyacinth.

Winter Jasmine with beautiful yellow flowers, Jasminum nudiflorum brightens up the darkest winter day in the garden. Japenese quince, Chaenomeles, low growing thorny shrub with bright orange-scarlet flowers.

Lots of bulbs in pots in full flower:

  • Snake’s Head Fritillaries
  • Crocus
  • Hyacinths
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Dwarf Iris
  • Tulips

You can pot these bulbs straight in and you’ll know they’re looking good and all alive.

  • Big selection of Daphne, with 6 different varieties to choose from.
  • Perennials coming in thick & fast – 1,000 due to arrive next week! Great value 1 litre pots £4.99 each, 3 for £12. Start these pots out now and you’ll have huge plants later on in the year.

Virbunum dawn still coming out in scented pink flowers
Structural grass – Agapanthus – ‘Lily of the Nile’ and Astelia, these wonderful architectural plants have arching leaves useful in a variety of different situations in the garden.

Get ready for the Roses – we have 500 -600 roses due to be delivered on 1st March!


  • Huge selection of Japanese flowering cherries now in from weeping, upright and small standards.
  • Quarter standard willows, which will need a nice, spot with lots of wet ground.
  • Salix integra, pink flamingo, lovely pink tipped leaves throughout spring and summer.
  • Hebe collection includes 20 different varieties and we have our first flush of climbing plants in stock.
  • Spring interest – Hamamelis Witch Hazel flowering now, varities in red, green and orange. Plant your Witch Hazel ideally in an open, sunny position in the garden.

Huge selection of fruit this year:

Apples – we have expanded to dwarfing apple trees as well as large apples, cider apples, pears cherries, plums, mulberries, and crabapples. We have nut trees – Almonds, Filberts (Hazelnuts) and Walnuts, as well as soft fruit. Raspberries bare root great value, 5 canes for £14.99, we have potted raspberries as well which are already started off. Tayberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants and blueberries – which are always popular so if you want a blueberry, come in soon!

Glasshouse, we have a sub tropical area now and offer lemon trees, Malabar Chestnut, Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant), ferns, indoor Jasmine, indoor Cyclamen and lots of hanging plants.

From the second video:

Looking at what is available in the polytunnel:

Acers, all sizes with more coming – Acer ‘Bi Ho Golden Bark’ provides winter interest with striking yellow bark.

Euonymus, an alternative to Box, starting to see in topiary as well as standard shrubs, balls, lollipops, use as shrub or hedge, there is a huge variation available.

Other shrubs in the polytunnel:

  • Pitisporums
  • Choicea – Mexican orange blossom
  • Forsythia intermedia ‘weekend’ – will come into flower very soon with a huge wash of yellow
  • Multi stem Birch and multi stem Amelanchier
  • Juniper
  • Rhododendrons, large and small, all varieties and varieties within height and size, medium to dwarf as well

Plenty of small structural plants to go in beds and baskets.

Vast selection of colourful Primulas including the Scirocco collection, guaranteed to lift your spirits on a dull day! Armeria and fresh Campanula just in. Everygreen Azaleas are great for complimenting ericaceous borders. Camelias, with their big beautiful flowers are selling really fast.

Topiary, adds structure and fine clean lines to your garden: pyramids, balls lollipops and all hedging to do ‘parterre’ style gardening.

Erysimum varieties include Bowles mauve, spring breeze, apricot delight and winter charm, plant these now to become a big bush!

Olive trees coming in from Spain, all certified as being healthy and very popular at the moment.

Look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles!

February stock update from Bumbles 2021

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