The Big Butterfly Count

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The Big Butterfly Count

Jun 26, 2024

Our latest delivery, fresh from British grown nurseries, has us questioning… Is your garden ready for this year’s Big Butterfly Count?

Let’s create a vibrant, buzzing oasis together! Here are some fantastic pollinator-friendly plants from today’s delivery:

  1. Buddleja (Butterfly Bush): Irresistible to butterflies, this nectar-rich shrub adds beauty and diversity.
  2. Lavendula (Lavender): Bees adore it’s fragrant blooms. Plus, it’s a calming addition to your garden.
  3. Rudbeckia: it’s bright flowers attract bees and other pollinators
  4. Salvia (Sage): A favourite amongst honey bees and the colourful blooms attract butterflies
  5. Verbena: A versatile plant that pleases both bees and butterflies
  6. Veronica: it’s spiky blooms are a hit with pollinators

Look out for the ‘Attracts Wildlife‘ badge on their labels.

The Count is taking place from Friday 12 July – Sunday 4 August. Sign up today on the Big Butterfly Count website.

Fresh delivery of butterfly loving plants at Bumbles Plant Centre, June 2024

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