Summer pruning for Wisteria

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Summer pruning for Wisteria

Jul 10, 2019

How to prune your Wisteria in Summer

Following on from the Wisteria winter pruning video, Ross gives us some tips on summer pruning for Wisteria.

“Our Wisteria arch is looking beautiful, we have had loads of flowers and as you can see, it’s got a lot of extension growth.

If you are in Kent especially and have weatherboarding on your house, these can get into your weatherboard and start prising it away, it can also get into your guttering and cause damage. So we want to take them back, but not too far as we want some extension growth to tie in for next year to train new leaders.

In the winter we prune to two buds, in the summer we prune to six buds, July and August are perfect months to do this. We count leaves to six and cut back, if you want to cut a bit further that’s not a problem. We are taking out the ‘whippy bit’ at the bottom, which will stop the growth, but will not hurt the plant.

Make sure your secateurs are nice and sharp and carry on throughout the plant. Sometimes this will encourage a second flowering but essentially we are doing this to stop the Wisteria damaging property and to tidy it up.”

We have a good range of secateurs, ties and plant supports at Bumbles and do ask if you would like any advice – come and talk to Ross, Oliver or any of the team and we look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles Plant Centre.

Wisteria Summer Pruning instructional video from Bumbles Plant centre

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