Here is the range available at Bumbles, we carry quality brands such as Miracle Gro & Levington composts, Thompson and Morgan seeds, Bulldog/Pedigree (UK based), Spear and Jackson and Kew Gardens tools. We also have a variety of organic and eco-friendly products in stock. There are always special offers available on a variety of items, so come and see us for the latest deals!

Indoor plants in the glasshouse at Bumbles Plant Centre

House Plant Care

Specialist range of houseplant and exotic indoor plant care products.

Hanging Basket inserts available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Hanging Baskets

Range of hanging baskets available, both pre-made and for you to contrast yourself or to repair your own. We have moss and coco basket liners in a variety of sizes, as well as a variety of baskets, wall planters and troughs/mangers.

Gardening tools & sundries in the shop at Bumbles, February 2021

Handy Packs

Garden sundries available such as vine eyes, string/wires, greenhouse attachments, canes and supports, plant labels, staples, thermometers and gauges.

Irrigation equipment available at Bumbles Plant Centre


Wide range of Hozelock irrigation equipment, including hoses, sprayers, sprinklers, accessories and automatic watering kits and attachments.

Wind Spinners available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Giftware, Lighting and Furniture

Variety of ornamental garden products available to express personality. Solar lights, wind art and spinners, wall art, stonework, bronze art and much more. Beautiful range of furniture available, including teak benches and painted metal and patio table sets.

Fertilisers available at Bumbles Plant Centre


We sell a wide range including Vitax and MiracleGro products. Specialty feeds for orchids, Buxus, Ericaceous plants etc.

Large selection of seeds available at Bumbles Plant Centre


Large range of Thompson and Morgan seeds covering flowers (including wild flowers), vegetables and herbs. We also stock a range of specialty ranges such as seeds of Italy.

Spear & Jackson Gardening tools at Bumbles


Wide range of tools including brands Bulldog/Pedigree (UK based), Spear and Jackson and Kew Gardens. Varied prices.

Spa & Pool Chemicals at Bumbles

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals available for both pool and spa. We also sell inflatable pool and spas in the summer, as well as accessories including filters, chemical floaters, inflatable toys, cleaning equipment, testing kits and thermometers.

Plant Supports at Bumbles Plant Centre

Plant Supports

Large range of obelisks, as well as bamboo canes, willow canes and plastic coated steel poles (multiple colours). Variety of smaller supports such as border supports, bow supports, grow through rings etc. Fencing includes tree posts and stakes, as well as trellis and wooden panels.

Weed killers available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Weed Killers

A wide range including Roundup and Pathclear. Available in a variety of forms (i.e. rtu or concentrate). Organic forms also available.

Great selection of flowering bulbs at Bumbles, February 2021


Colourful range of bulbs available seasonally including Narcissus/Daffodil, Tulips, Dahlia, Hyacinth, Iris and many more. Available in large bags, smaller packets, loose and potted. We also stock vegetables such as Rhubarb and have a variety of onion sets and garlic.

Range of gardening boots and gloves at Bumbles Plant Centre

Boots and Gloves

Range of wellington boots, garden shoes and clogs. Also available a range of gloves for all gardening needs including brands Brie’s and Globus.

Logs and Kindling available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Fuel and Logs

Depending on the time of year we have coal, logs and kindling (multibuys), available for purchase. As well as grit for those icy times. Charcoal and one use BBQs for the summer.

Mesh screening & netting available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Screening and Netting

Wide range of netting available to support plants and any other use around the house/garden. Available in pre packs and by the metre. Products include pea and bean netting, general garden netting, fruit cage net. Other screening includes polythene, weed suppressants, fleece, moisture capillary matting, insect screening, climbing plant support. Wood screening includes brushwood, willow, trellis, bamboo and reed screening.

Pest killers available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Pest Killers

Organic forms available. Kill or deter a wide range of pests. Includes specialty pest killers such as vine weevil

Lawn Treatments available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Lawn Treatment

Lawn feeds and seeds, moss killers and weed killers that don’t target grass. Vitax and Evergreen (Scotts) products. Artificial grass also available.

Seed potatoes, desiree, cara, Bumbles January 2021

Seed Potatoes

Diverse range of seed potatoes available including favourites such as Pink Fir Apple, Charlotte and Maris Piper. Available in 1kg and 2.25kg sacks.

Garden pots in many varieties at Bumbles

Pots and Containers

We have a wide range of pots, terracotta, glazed and plastic. Variety of sizes, colours and designs. Includes both indoor and outdoor pots. Saucers also available.

Compost available at Bumbles Plant Centre

Compost and Aggregates

Extensive range of compost including Levingtons, MiracleGro, Vitax and Bord Na Mona and Grow Wise. Peat free varieties available as well as compost containing John Innes. Available as manure, grow bags, bark chips, bulb fibre, ericaceous compost, rose tree, shrub and John Innes (seed, No. 2 and 3). Wide range of aggregates including chipping stones, grit, slate, pebbles and feature rocks. Slabs and tiles also available. Aggregations also available in bulk bags for delivery (location dependent).

Come to Bumbles and see what a difference being independent makes!