Sarcococca confusa ‘Sweet Box’

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Sarcococca confusa ‘Sweet Box’

Jan 25, 2022

What’s that smell? That delicious vanilla fragrance belongs to Sarcococca confusa ‘Sweet Box’.

From the Buxaceae family, Sarcococca confusa is a compact bushy evergreen shrub with dense dark green foliage. This terrific shrub bears delicate ivory-white flowers in late winter to early spring, followed by glossy red, purple or black berries which may carry on into the following winter.

Amazingly easy to grow and reliable, generally pest and disease free and tolerant of conditions, this lovely shrub deserves a spot near your patio so you can enjoy their intensely beautiful scent.

You can find more information on this plant on the RHS website and check our guides on Box hedging in our help & advice section.

Sarcococca confusa 'Sweet Box' at Bumbles, January 2022

Sarcococca confusa 'Sweet Box' at Bumbles, January 2022

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