Rudbeckia ‘Black Eyed Susan’

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Rudbeckia ‘Black Eyed Susan’

Jul 13, 2022

If there was ever a flower that brings instant sunshine and happiness it’s Rudbeckia, and our current collection is pulling out all the stops in the summer heat.

Rudbeckia is a great addition to the garden to add stand-out colour throughout the summer as some of your earlier flowering perennials begin to go over, giving you long-lasting flowers right through to Autumn.

Also know as ‘Black Eyed Susan’, Rudbeckia are robust, generally low maintenance, love the sun and good for wildlife.

We have a huge variety in store, so pop over to Bumbles and take your pick!

Rudbeckia - black eyed susan - at Bumbles, July 2022

Rudbeckia - black eyed susan - at Bumbles, July 2022

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