Ross’s Rambling Roundup for Autumn at Bumbles!

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Ross’s Rambling Roundup for Autumn at Bumbles!

Oct 4, 2018

An autumn rambling roundup from Ross at Bumbles Plant Centre. A look at what’s in and what’s selling this October at Bumbles:

Pansies & violas will go up to and including a lot of frosts, keep deadheading them, great for baskets and planters and bit of colour in your borders. New primulas in six packs and single pots for £1.75, 5 or more at £1.50. Nice selection of Chrysanthemums just been delivered, big Chrysanthemum balls at £7.99, a great instant effect in your garden. Ornametal brasicas are proving very popular this year and, a firm favourite, calocephalus in its natural form and coloured, for something a bit jazzy. A lovely Helleborus Christmas Carol, a really nice one which goes throughout the year. Wallflowers, always in demand, we’re one of the few places that do them, still have Persian Carpet, Ivory White, Scarlet Emperor, Cloth of Gold, Giant Pink and Purple Shades, get them planted up as soon as you can.

Inside, we have lots of Euphorbias and still a great selection of Cyclamens, great for planters – don’t think we don’t have them, they’re just indoors! A lovely selection of Camelias, just coming into flower and for indoors, Azaleas, Begonias, Bonasi Trees and Cacti.

Still a good time to plant roses but most of the perenials have been cut down, making way for the soft fruit selection, which is now in. We have a really nice selection (barring raspberries, which will be here in February) including loganberries, black berries, black currants, blueberries, figs – all sorts ready to plant now.

Come and see us soon!

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