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Roses for winter planting are in!

Nov 19, 2020

A wonderful selection of over 500 roses ready for winter planting has just arrived here at Bumbles Plant Centre! Shrub / hybrid tea, bush, patio, climber and rambler varieties in a large range of colours and fragrances, also our new range of “Home Florist” roses, ideal for cutting. Plus we have hedging varieties Rosa rugosa, with rosa glauca and rosa canina coming soon!

Why should you plant roses now instead of the spring?

Planting dormant roses in winter gives your plants optimum growing conditions and plenty of settling-in time before hot and dry weather arrives. The most successful rose plantings are those in which feeder roots are allowed to develop at a moderate rate, and the slow awakening of plants from winter into springtime is a natural order of progression.

How to plant your Roses

Remember to dig a hole twice as big as the pot, mix 50/50 the native soil dug up with fresh compost for planting. Add a sprinkle of bonemeal or mycorrhizal fungi which will help root “flare” and establishment. Finally water in well and mulch with compost, leaf mould, bark or our “Blooming Amazing” organic straw based mulch. And that’s it!

Rose varieties now in stock

Traditional Bush Roses 3L

  • ARTHUR BELL gold bouquet
  • ROSE GAUJARD red/silver

Royalty Bush Roses 3L

  • ANNE’S ROSE pink
  • BURGUNDY ICE dark plum/purple
  • ETERNITY bright red
  • PRECIOUS AMBER orange/amber
  • PRECIOUS GOLD bright gold
  • PRECIOUS LOVE poppy red
  • PRECIOUS RUBY deep ruby red
  • SHOWTIME coral pink
  • SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY rich rose pink

Premium Bush Roses 3L

  • QUEEN BEE amber/yellow
  • ROSY CHEEKS red to deep pink
  • SUMMER GOLD rich yellow
  • SUNNY SKY honey yellow
  • SWEET HONEY creamy apricot
  • TIMELESS CHARISMA rich red to deep 5
  • TIMELESS CREAM crem to light salmon
  • TIMELESS PINK light pink to apricot
  • TIMELESS PURPLE purple to pink violet

Patio Roses 3L

  • BIRTHDAY WISHES orange/red
  • CAREFREE DAYS light pink
  • DIAMOND WISHES medium pink
  • DWARF FAIRY rich red
  • FLIRT 2011 rich pink
  • FLOWER POWER GOLD golden yellow
  • FLOWER POWER peachy salmon
  • GOLDEN ANGEL golden yellow
  • LITTLE SUNSET yellow & orange
  • LOTS OF KISSES orange/red
  • RASPBERRY ROYALE raspberry pink
  • RUBY ROMANCE rich red
  • SCARLET PATIO scarlet red
  • SILVER WISHES light pink
  • SUNSEEKER scarlet/yellow
  • SWEET MEMORIES lemon yellow
  • SWEET WISHES dark red
  • SWEET WONDER dark apricot

Traditional Shrub Roses 4L

  • DUCHESS OF PORTLAND cerise pink
  • FELICIA apricot pink
  • MAIDENS BLUSH blush pink
  • ROSE DE RESCHT deep pink/mauve

Peter Beales Classic Shrub Roses 4L

  • FESTIVE JEWEL bright pink
  • IVOR’S ROSE cerise red
  • LEAH TUTU rich golden yellow
  • MACMILLAN NURSE white/peach
  • QUEEN’S JUBILEE ROSE white/peach

Traditional Climbing Roses 4L

  • ALOHA rose/salmon pink
  • AMERICAN PILLAR bright pink
  • COMPASSION orange/salmon

Royalty Climbing Roses 4L

  • GLORIANA purple
  • LOVE KNOT red
  • MME GREG STAECHLIN pale/dark pink
  • REDOVA yellow/red
  • SCENT FROM HEAVEN orange-salmon
  • SOMMERGOLD lemon yellow

Peter Beales Classic Climbing Roses 4L

  • CAPTAIN CHRISTY soft pink
  • WYMONDHAM ABBEY bright mid pink

Time to get busy in the garden! We are always happy to help you with any gardening questions, so please always feel free to come in and ask advice or contact us by phone or email.

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Roses for winter planting at Bumbles, November 2020
Patio climbing roses for winter planting at Bumbles, November 2020
Rose varieties precious gold and precious Amber at Bumbles, November 2020
Home Florist rose varieties at Bumbles, November 2020
Climbing roses for winter planting at Bumbles, November 2020
Classic Shrub Roses for winter planting at Bumbles, November 2020
Classic Shrub Roses for winter planting at Bumbles, November 2020

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