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Roses at Bumbles

Jun 9, 2023

Our Roses are blooming here at Bumbles and showing off their wonderful colours and scents in the June sunshine this week. We have a huge range of colours, styles, sizes and scents to choose from, in store now!

Queen of flowers and the symbol of love, the rose is probably the most popular and versatile shrub in the world. And while they are robust and easy to grow, with a little extra care the rewards are boundless.

  • PLANT in well-drained, composted soil with a neutral PH.
  • WATER deeply 3 times per week in late spring and summer watering, twice per week in early spring and autumn and once a week in winter.
  • FEED with a balanced rose fertilizer.
  • PRUNE towards the end of winter.

If you have established roses in your garden but wondering how to prune them in winter, bookmark our rose pruning guide for some great advice.

Rose season is one of our favourites, pop in store for a peaceful walk around our plant area whilst enjoying the sunshine and the glorious rose aroma!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles. 

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