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Supercharge your garden!

Feb 5, 2024

Introducing and welcoming ‘RocketGro’ compost to our compost range at Bumbles this week.

RocketGro offer a range of peat free and organic composts which we have been delighted with the results from when testing ourselves at the garden centre and so are sure our customers will be too!

Based in Somerset, and with a keen eye on offering both a great product to gardeners and being sustainable and environmentally friendly, we are very proud to being working alongside a UK company with the same vision and aspirations as us here at Bumbles. RocketGro is available in store now, we look forward to serving you soon!


RocketGro compost arrives at Bumbles Plant Centre, February 2024RocketGro range of compost now available at Bumbles, February 2024 The RocketGro Virtuous Cycle, new compost available at Bumbles February 2024

Supercharge your garden with RocketGro compost, available at Bumbles Plant Centre, Feb2024

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