Repot your pot plant in 7 easy steps

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Repot your pot plant in 7 easy steps

May 9, 2022

Are your pot plants looking a little lacklustre, with roots poking out the top of the soil? It could be that they need a bigger, better home!

Here’s how to repot your plant in 7 easy steps:

  • The new pot should be approximately 2cm larger than the previous one.
  • Lift the plant out of the pot and place it in a water bath.
  • Cut off old and dead roots before replanting.
  • Fill the new, larger pot with a drainage layer, e.g. fine gravel, polystyrene balls or expanded clay.
  • Add a layer of humus-rich plant soil and place the plant in the centre of the pot so that it is at the same height as in the previous pot.
  • Fill the flowerpot completely with soil, but not right up to the rim so that you have some space for watering.
  • Press down lightly, water – and you’re done!

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Advice on repotting house plants from Bumbles, May 2022

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