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Replacing Buxus?

Oct 13, 2023

This summer has been a particular bad one for box blight and also box tree caterpillars in our gardens. For those of us who enjoy using Buxus for the creative, structural and sophisticated look it can add to our garden, it’s a particular frustration. There are so many upsides to Buxus but perfect weather conditions for a bad box blight summer can often leave customers asking us for other alternatives with similar functional garden design purposes and here is one of our suggestions.

Known as Japanese holly or box-leaved holly, llex Crenata is an evergreen shrub often chosen as a more robust alternative to buxus, as it’s not affected by box blight or box moth, and is more tolerant of low temperatures. It’s perfect for growing as a green wall behind more colourful plants, clips nicely into a ball, and works well in pots or to create rows, lines and structure in a garden. It’s also suitable for partially shaded areas.

For more suggestions and ideas of alternatives or to get some advice on the best ways to protect your buxus, pop into store and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members who would be more than happy to help as always. You can also check out a couple of our previous posts on box hedging, and some advice from Bumbles’ found Jeremy on choosing hedging.

Replacing Buxus? Try Ilex Crenata - Japanese Holly - available at Bumbles, October 2023Ilex Crenata - Japanese Holly - makes a great alternative to Buxus and available at Bumbles, October 2023

Replacing Buxus? Try Ilex Crenata - Japanese Holly - available at Bumbles, October 2023

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