Reasons for winter pruning

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Reasons for winter pruning

Jan 3, 2022

Baby its cold outside… But winter is the ideal time to invest in some pruning!

Pruning is important for a range of reasons:

  • By removing dead leaves and branches you encourage new plant growth. And by cutting back any dense bush or excess growth you are also allowing more light to penetrate the entire plant.
  • It boosts your plants immune system, allowing increased levels of oxygen to circulate around your plants encouraging stronger shoots to sprout. This also means fewer fungal diseases, as well as fewer hiding places for those garden critters.
  • It keeps your garden in tip-top shape. Shaping plants, trees and hedges ensure your garden is always looking its best, ready for that upcoming garden competition!

See our in-depth pruning guides & handy gardening tips from the Bumbles team!

Reasons for winter pruning from the Bumbles team

Reasons for winter pruning from the Bumbles team

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