Osmanthus Burkwoodii

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Osmanthus Burkwoodii

Mar 17, 2021

The team here at Bumbles would like to share some information about the Osmanthus Burkwoodii plant today. We have some lovely ones in-store now that are just starting to break into flower!

Osmanthus Burkwoodii is also known as Burkwood Osmanthus is part of the Oleaceae family. Osmanthus can be evergreen shrubs or small trees with leathery, opposite leaves that are fragrant and tubular white.

The plant is particularly hardy and very easy in both full sun and partial shade and even full shade. Osmanthus enjoys a normal humus-rich soil, not too wet and not too dry. Give the plant a mixed fertiliser in spring and autumn to keep it healthy.

They have a lovely fragrance that carries a good distance, particularly in the evening so this is an ideal hedge to plant near the house/patio. If the plant is pruned at the right time, it can last for years.

Make sure to get yours now whilst they are still in stock! You can also add this plant to your Click & Collect request.

Osmanthus Burkwoodii, everygreen shrub/tree for your garden at Bumbles, March 2021

Burkwood Osmanthus, everygreen shrub/tree for your garden at Bumbles, March 2021

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