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Olive trees at Bumbles

Mar 12, 2021

Have you seen our new ‘Olea europea’ Olive tree collection at Bumbles?

We have our best selection of Olives ever with all styles, shapes and sizes catered for.

From bush form, to clipped and loose heads, to the fantastically characteristic gnarled trunk versions we have a great and wide choice to add something special to your garden.

Olive trees are slow growing, so perfect for growing in a pot. Make sure you choose a bright and sunny spot on your patio or balcony for your olive tree, preferably with a sunny wall behind, or place in an unheated conservatory or greenhouse. If you want to be able to grow fruit, make sure the olive tree is outside when its flowering, because although these trees are self-fertile, they are wind pollinated.

Watering: don’t allow your olive tree to dry out, although these trees are know for being drought resistant, too little water can really stress them out. Likewise, they won’t like being overwatered or having their roots in water, so make sure water can drain away. Establishing a watering routine is key to the success of an olive tree, less in winter (without allowing to dry out completely), more in summer (without over doing it!).

Look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles, or if you’d rather, please send your Click & Collect request and we’ll  be in touch.

Magnificent gnarled olive tree at Bumbles March 2021 Olive trees at Bumbles March 2021

Olive trees at Bumbles March 2021

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