An ode to the Sweet Pea

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An ode to the Sweet Pea

Mar 22, 2018

“The splendid buoyant burgeoning pod,
is full of seeds it dumps with a nod.
Sweet Peas are fervent fertile bunnies,
they tease the bees with shameless honeys.

This pea legume will make one drunk,
it throws loud parties from its bunk.
In sweet perfume and showy dress,
it’s backwards with oblige noblesse.

Sweet Peas smell like oranges taste,
It weaves green tendrils like Irish lace.
When breezes blow so soft and heady,
they throw their blossoms like confetti.”
Edlynn Nau, 2015

Sweet Peas – Available in Spencer Mixed or Royal Mixed varieties. Single pots at £1.50 or just £9.99 for a ready made wigwam! Great annual climber which yield more and more blooms as you harvest the flowers!


Sweet Peas at Bumbles Plant Centre

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