A November Ramble around Bumbles with Ross!

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A November Ramble around Bumbles with Ross!

Nov 11, 2018

Take a walk around Bumbles Plant Centre with Ross, as he looks at what’s available in November including advice on what to plant this month:

If you are interested in climbing plants, we have fantastic Firethorns (or Pyracantha) including varieties Saphyr orange and Saphyr Jaune, these plants are almost a metre tall at £1.99. You really can’t get better value than that, these are a fantastic bargain and sure to fly out.
If you want to a good bit of security hedging, Pyracantha are great for winter colour with beautiful berries. It’s evergreen so any sort of hedge or climbing area you plant with it will stay wonderfully green throughout the year.

A lot of soft fruit is in now, if you interested in planting up some for the winter and getting it established. Figs are great for west facing walls, they will give you lots of nice fruit, you can certainly grow these in this country and pruning is not hard. We have several varieties of Blueberry – always plant in ericaceous soil so around here so best to plant blueberries in pots. Cultivated blackberries, a good hedgerow plant but the fruit from cultivated plants we get in are larger and juicier so great to grow. Blackcurrants as bushes but also standards and we will be doing a video soon about pruning standards. We have standard blackcurrant and gooseberries, available as half or quarter standard.


And why pick a standard, you think? Looks like a spindly tree but the advantage is you don’t have to bend over to pick the fruit and you can under plant around the tree. Loganberries now available but Raspberries won’t be in until the spring (due to not liking to get their feet wet!).

Wisteria arches are looking lovely, we will be producing some instructional videos which will include pruning Wisteria so keep posted for that.

We have a lot of nice hedging, Lonicera ‘Baggessens Gold’, a hedging honeysuckle and Portuguese laurel for great contrsasting colours. We have Yew (of course) and Japanese Holly ‘Osmanthus Heterophyllus’, a nice shrub which can grow on its own or make a good hedging plant. Lots of Box, a perennial favourite which is not expensive to get a close crop and create a formal style of hedge.
Camelia is starting to bud now, a good time to start planting and getting them establised.

A few Chrysanthemum bowls left, on offer now, 2 for £12.  Lots of Skimmia, if you are looking for winter colour, we have Japonica ‘Rubella’ and ‘Kew Green’ in a variety of sizes for a small planter or larger containers. Australian Ivy, Muehlenbeckia, a great alternative to standard ivy, which we also have in stock in a variety of colours. Muehlenbeckia is very clump forming so great for baskets and planters, very hardy will go down to -10 degrees; you can cut down to the bottom in the cold and it will regrow. Lots of cyclamen in large and small pots – small 10cm pots at £2.25, 5 or more at £2 each, a good bargain.

If you want some structure in your pots, we have Cordylines, a very formal Victorian style of planting where you put a Cordyline in the middle of the pot and underplant it with some colour.

Out in the plant area, it’s still so warm bedding is still available; lots of pansies to get colour into your garden now. Christmas Roses, nice little ones at £5.99 and big ones at £11.99. Calocephalus, good plant for structure, Ornamental Brasica in white and red and good value Primula.

New fresh Dogwood in, Alba Elegantissima, Sanguinea and Alba Sibirica, great for structure. Fresh eucharis, nice new colours when you want to add some colour to the garden if it’s looking a bit sad, including caramel, cherry cola, little cuties peppermint, nice to pop in the garden.

Convulvulus, a favourite plant with lovely white trumpets. This won’t flower until the spring now but if you get them established now, you’ll have a really good showing and it’s great value at £2.25.

Finally, will be potted up soon, but if you want a nice spiky hedge, Osmanthus Heterophyllus Goshiki, a great value plant for structure and great for hedging.

Look forward to seeing you at Bumbles soon!

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