Early Season Arrivals

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Early Season Arrivals

Feb 1, 2024

We have had some beautiful sunny mornings here at Bumbles this week, enjoying a walk around the store and plant area, and seeing all of our new arrivals as well as new displays and offers throughout Bumbles.

A busy start to February here at Bumbles as we welcome more early season arrivals.

Our first A-Z Perennial range has arrived giving plenty of early year options for those beginning to think of Perennial planting ideas.

There are also new and exciting plants across our bedding selection, including the eloquently flowered Primlet ‘Rosebud’ and the latest addition to the primrose family with the dark leafed ‘obsidian’ variety, which really pops the colour of the flower.

Our bulb collection has also expanded further this week with plenty to offer, as has our Hellebores which are really starting to show off their wonderful flowers now.

Our viburnums are also offering a wonderful scent throughout the plant area as they are placed perfectly in displays by the plant area team. They really are a great add to the garden at this time of year and so many varieties of them are personal favourites of ours for the early season scent and show they offer.

We look forward to seeing you all soon at Bumbles.

A busy start to February with lots of new arrivals at Bumbles, 2024

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