New March Arrivals at Bumbles

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New March Arrivals at Bumbles

Mar 13, 2024

A beautiful week of new arrivals here at Bumbles our UK nurseries and from our Italian growers!

It’s always an exciting time for the team as we begin to fill Bumbles with goodies and the staff start to look at me (Will) like ‘where are we meant to put all these plants’!! My favourite part and we all love this time of year.

Our indoor plant glasshouse is filled with lots of gorgeous house and indoor plants, including some must have new plant family additions to your home.

We’ve continued to fill our front benches with exciting seasonal colour to brighten up garden displays, and our plant area continues to fill up more and more during March with exciting new arrivals including alliums, lupins, azaleas, gardenias, acers and much more.

Enjoy a walk around our plant area to discover our new arrivals and all the hard work from the bumbles team (well done team). We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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