New indoor houseplant and exotic plant greenhouse

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New indoor houseplant and exotic plant greenhouse

Mar 3, 2019

Following the opening of our plant area expansion I am extremely proud to announce our new indoor houseplant and exotic plants glasshouse is now open to our customers!!

Dad and myself could not be prouder of everyone at Bumbles hard work and dedication to bring our vision to life!!

Following taking the reigns at Bumbles after Dads unfortunate illness 18 months ago and overcoming the initial change thanks to all of your support and the Bumbles staff. I set my eye on achieving a vision that Dad had always wanted to do at Bumbles.


Since Dad brought Bumbles the goal has always been.. offer excellent customer service and have the best plants and range of plants possible. Growing as a ‘proper’ garden centre focused on plants and having a team at Bumbles that has a love and passion for plants just like our customers.

Being able to expand the plant area was always something we thought could take our selection and shopping experience to the next level and now.. now we are here.

Making this happen is a gift from us all at Bumbles for my Dad Jeremy as well as something that we hope makes your time in store with us even better than it’s ever been!

Below is a selection of pictures giving you a sneak peak of our glasshouse and it’s amazon/jungle feel.

Please come in and explore and enjoy our hard work!

The area is now completely open for customers to shop as of tomorrow morning.

However we shall be hosting a celebration of the opening of the new area at midday on Saturday 16th March when Jeremy will be at Bumbles to see the expansion himself and to catch up with those customers who wish to see him.

Once again thank you to our amazing customers. All the staff at Bumbles. The Fridays for trusting me. And to my dad and my family for believing in what I have been doing.


Exotic plants and houseplants in the new glasshouse at Bumbles

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