Nepeta – Cat Mint

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Nepeta – Cat Mint

Jul 10, 2021

Here at Bumbles, we have Nepeta in stock, another great summer-long flowering perennial.

Nepeta will be a great addition to the garden and is loved by bees and butterflies. Easy to grow, you can use in borders as an alternative to lavender.

Although most prefer full sun, they won’t mind a bit of afternoon shade, Nepeta will grow in just about any type of well-drained soil.

Cats love these plants! Dried Nepeta leaves are often used to stuff cat toys.

Feel free to come down to Bumbles and get yours now, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Nepeta - cat mint - at Bumbles, July 2021

Nepeta - cat mint - at Bumbles, July 2021

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