Nemesia Wisley Vanilla

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Nemesia Wisley Vanilla

May 9, 2022

Always a popular bedding plant, Nemesia Wisley Vanilla might look delicate with its soft rosy tinged edges and lemon yellow centres, but these gloriously scented plants are surprisingly tough. With a mesmerising vanilla scent and striking white flower, Nemesia Wisley Vanilla is in a class of its own.

In addition to looking and smelling gorgeous, Nemesia are fantastic at attracting insects, especially bees and hover flies.

Grow in moist, fertile soil in full sun. Make sure you remember to water well in dry weather to keep the flowers blooming. To produce bushy plants, pinch out growing tips. You can encourage more flowers by trimming off flowering shoots when the initial flowering has finished.

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Nemesia Wisley Vanilla Scented at Bumbles, May 2022

Nemesia Wisely Vanilla Scented at Bumbles Plant Centre

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