Low light houseplants

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Low light houseplants

May 16, 2022

We already know that houseplants detoxify our air and make us happier. These 5 plants thrive in low-light so now you can have some green in every corner of your home.

Monstera plant

Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, this low light houseplant is recognized by its large, split leaves. Great for an office, this plant grows quickly, so pick a spot with plenty of space. We recommend repotting your cheese plant once a year while it is young to freshen the soil and to encourage growth. In its natural habitat, this tropical jungle plant is known for reaching up to 10 feet tall or more.

English ivy

English Ivy can be trained to climb a trellis or moss stick. With hundreds of varieties, some are plain green, while others are mixed with yellow, gold, or creamy white. Maintain evenly moist soil throughout the year—misting often to keep the leaves from drying out.

Snake plant

This low-light houseplant is easily recognized by its long leaves with yellow or silvery-white stripes. It’s also known for its filtration qualities and converts harmful substances into harmless ones. It does well with moderate watering: first allow the soil to dry completely, checking it once every two weeks.

Staghorn fern

Native to South America, the Platycerium includes 18 species. Great for a bathroom or entryway with indirect sunlight—this low-light houseplant can also grow well in a backyard greenhouse or a cool, enclosed porch. Water once a week (up to ten days during winter), submerging the entire root system for up to 15 minutes.

Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum comes in green or variegated varieties, often starting out as small, white flowers. Don’t let the name keep you away though, this might be the most adaptable and easiest low-light houseplant of all and its known for reducing indoor air pollution. Just keep this plant in well-drained soil and out of direct sunlight, repotting it in the spring if roots grow outside of the drainage holes.

Lots of choice in the Bumbles glasshouse! Visit our Gardening tips and advice page for more help with houseplants.

Monstera or Swiss cheese plant, one of 5 low light plants, Bumbles May 2022


Monstera or Swiss cheese plant, one of 5 low light plants, Bumbles May 2022

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