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Late Winter Colours – Jeremy’s blog

Jan 30, 2019

I thought I would write and give some ideas regarding some late winter colour. Winter is always a hard time of year and think we all need some colour by our front and back doors in a tub or basket to make us feel perhaps a little warmer. Letting us know that nature has not yet given up and spring is not too far away.

Primula, polyanthus and primroses are a good provider of many different colours. Look out for the mix and match multibuy offers to help you customise your tubs and baskets to your preference. They are also nice in a bowl inside to give a room some scent.

Heathers are also a good provider of some colours as well as a nice evergreen shrub at the centre of a tub with some height. I personally often use a bushy camellia with primrose planted round the bottom of the shrub in a contrasting colour.

Perhaps to liven up a tub, use Hellebore niger in flower, with a Buxus ball in the middle for something a bit different. The beauty of using shrubs or perennials is that they can be planted in the garden or border once they have finished flowering and you can then replant the tub.

For a foliage tub use Heuchera, a nice warm yellow or marmalade, with a Camellia in the centre. Or Camellia in the centre and Primrose around the edge.

Be adventurous! Work with a palette of colours, from the pot to the centre piece.

Bumbles endeavour to have a good selection of colours and varieties for your winter bedding, especially when they are in flower.

The new variety Daphne odora ‘perfume princess’ has taken the gardening world by storm. Awarded PLANT OF THE YEAR and WORLDS MOST FRAGRANT SHRUB! This new variety is evergreen with clusters of flowers up its stalks. The flowers are large and sweet scented. Colours vary from pink to white. Perfect for pots, borders, anywhere you want to catch the scent and beautiful colour. To ensure the best perfume, make sure it is in a nice sunny spot in well-drained soil. This variety is also more robust so you can happily cut a stem to place in a vase in the house to fill a room.

Jeremy Homewood (founder of Bumbles Plant Centre)

Pretty primulas for autumn and winter colour at Bumbles

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