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Keep Calm and Dig On with Bumbles!

Mar 13, 2020

Has there ever been a better time to start growing your own veg?

In these currently uncertain times, as stalwart Britons we can rely on our own resilience and determination to see us through hard times.

During World War 2, the British public was never so well fed due to to the Dig For Victory campaign and the hard work and banding together in common cause of all its citizens.

In this war on public health that we now face, consider devoting part of your garden or patio spaces to growing fruit and vegetables for your own family and to supplement potentially disrupted supply chains. Here at Bumbles Plant Centre we have a wide range of seeds, propagation equipment, grow bags, patio planters, compost and an ever-increasing range of of ready grown plug plants for a wide range of vegetables so you can easily start growing your own.

The Bumbles Family is always ready to help anybody in need, and if you are currently facing difficulties due to self-isolation, please call us as we can arrange for products to be delivered to you in the local area.

Keep Calm, and Dig On!

Start growing your own vegetables - Bumbles Plant Centre

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