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Japanese Anemones

Aug 14, 2021

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Whilst being native to China, they have been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years. Much loved for their stunning show of open blooms on tall delicate stems, and attractive foliage in late summer to early autumn.

They perform best in partial shade, thriving in humus-rich, well-drained soil, but can cope with full sun in a moist area of the garden. The more sun they get, the quicker and larger they will grow. However, too much shade will result in a plant with a very ‘floppy’ habit.

Well suited to borders, cottage gardens, coastal gardens (as they tolerate salt). They can be naturalised in prairie or meadow areas, mixing well with cultivated grasses such as Molinia, Panicum and Pennisetum, with their tall flower stems peeping through the gently willowing grasses.

Japanese Anemones take a year or two to establish. But once they do they spread rapidly by underground rhizomes, happily naturalizing to form colonies. Although they appear delicate, these long-lived perennials survive with minimal maintenance. They require only to be dead-headed and a light tidy of the foliage. In early spring give them a good mulch of humus-rich compost (a leaf mould & organic rotted matter mix) or well-rotted manure.

They tend to spread, so every few years if they are becoming too thuggish, dig up and divide plants in late autumn. At this time, you can also have a go at propagating by root cuttings!

Very attractive as cut flowers, Japanese anemones enjoy a very good resistance to most insects and diseases and are also unpalatable to both rabbits and deer, cutting down on predation.

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Japanese Anemones at Bumbles, August 2021


Japanese Anemones at Bumbles, August 2021

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