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James Wong grafted veg plants **** NEW JUST IN ****

May 17, 2018

Buy 2 – Get 1 Free! on James Wong range of unique and grafted vegetables at Bumbles

Range includes:-

High Lycopene range of tomatoes – great for your heart health!

  • F1 Lycostandard 3221
  • F1 Lycocherry 1247
  • F1 Lycobeefsteak 0191
  • F1 Lycoplum 294

Part of the Nutrients range – identified to be the best tasting and heaviest cropping tomato varieties. As well as possessing the highest levels of Lycopene which boosts anti-infalmmatory properies and is a potent antioxidant. Associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Grafted Sweet Pepper F1 “Gogorez”

Tomatillo – tastes like tomato and lime

Tromboncino – use like a courgette, tastes like a mild artichoke

Inca berries – delicious and ornamental, tastes like gooseberries with a hint of tropical fruit

Grafted Aubergine F1 “Emerald Isle” – unique coloured fruit

Grafted Melon F1 “Alvaro” – high in vitamins A and C

Grafted Squash “Uchikiki Kuri” – high in carotene

Cucamelon – climber trailing variety, tastes like cucumber and citrus

Chilean Guava “Ka-Pow” – British bred tastes like wild strawberries

Come down to Bumbles today and add some exotic veg to your plot!

James Wong grafted veg range at Bumbles

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