It’s National Tree Week!

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It’s National Tree Week!

Dec 2, 2021

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, running from Saturday 27 November to Sunday 5 December.

Across the country, people will be planting thousands of trees to mark the start of the Winter tree planting season, and we here at Bumbles invite you to join in and get planting!

In case you have never planted a tree before, our Plant Manager Ross gives us a step by step guide below:

1. Dig a hole! But before you site a tree, make sure you’ve thought “Is this the right place?” in regard to sun/shade, wind exposure, etc. Always feel free to ask our advice in-store.

2. Dig your hole about a pot and a half depth and width – you’ll backfill with some of this broken up native soil and fresh compost mix (We recommend a Rose, Tree and Shrub mix) to make it easier for the roots to establish. Planting a tree too deep is the major cause of death, always use the “nursery line”, which is the top of the pot, as your marker for ground level.

3. When your hole is ready, take your tree out of the pot and gently brush the sides to tease out the roots
to start them on the right path. Use a sprinkling of mycorrhizal fungi at the bottom of the hole – this will help the tree establish by creating a secondary root system.

4. Back fill on top and sides, and “heel” in by placing your heel by the trunk of the tree and pressing down in a circular fashion in order to firm into the ground.

5. Finally, wrap a spiral protective cover around the trunk to prevent rabbits and/or deer from nibbling the bark and secure with a tree stake and tie to prevent wind-rock unsettling the roots. You’ll notice I have staked the tree at a 45 degree angle rather than vertical – I find this method more effective as the stake covers more surface area.

If you have any questions or need any advice please come in and speak to me or any of our Plant Team who will be more than happy to help!

National Tree Week - how to plant a tree, Bumbles

National Tree Week - how to plant a tree, Bumbles

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