House plants are back in fashion!

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House plants are back in fashion!

Aug 29, 2019

“A few short years ago, filling one’s living room with spider plants and peace lillies would have been seen by interior designers as unforgivably retro. Now, Millennials have brought 1970s houseplants back into fashion as they turn to gardening as a form of achieving ‘wellness’.

As the renting generation often cannot afford gardens, they have turned to easy-to-rear house plants in order to fill their tiny homes with calming green. House plants are a firm Instagram trend, with green-fingered youths contributing over 2.2 million posts of trailing greenery to the hashtag #plantsofinstagram. Urban dwellers have opted for the peace lily, which is efficient at removing pollutants from the air.”

Matthew Pottage, Curator, RHS Garden Wisley, explained: ‘Social media shows that this is a huge and growing trend – hashtags such as #plantsofinstagram and #houseplants are used in their millions and tweets on houseplants often receive thousands of retweets. In daily life I see fiddle leaf figs and Swiss cheese plants everywhere, especially amongst the younger generation who don’t remember the 1970’s houseplant trend.”

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Source: Helena Horton, 07/1/2019. .

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