Helpful hints for a tidy November garden!

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Helpful hints for a tidy November garden!

Nov 16, 2019

With the colder weather settling in more now here are a few helpful tips from us here at Bumbles to help finish off any garden tidying for the year.

Soil Improvement

Now is a great time to add soil improvers to your beds and borders with help to improve drainage, organic matter levels and encourage a slow release of nutrients to your plants in the spring.

Fallen Leaves

With the trees beginning to empty of leaves, we now are all in tidy up mode and keeping areas as clean as possible. Most leaves can be placed in a composter to break down. But remember that fallen leaves from cherries, peaches and any plants you may have had fungal issues this year, should be burned or disposed of. By doing this, you will help deter diseases next spring.

Top Dress Shrub Borders

Now is a great time to top dress any shrub borders you have with bone meal and sulphate of potash to give your border a head start over winter and into early spring.

Clean Glasshouses

For those with Glasshouse’s like ourselves with our indoor and exotic plant space now is the time to give the green house a winter clean and tidy to improve light levels in the winter as much as possible as well as bubble wrap insulation if over wintering plants or seedlings that may be helped by the warmth being kept in as much as possible.

Pansy/ Viola Dead Heading

Try as best as possible over the winter months to stay on top of picking over your pansies and violas regularly to encourage more flowers to brighten up your tubs and baskets over winter. High potash feed also helps to get the best results!

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