Happy World Bee day!

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Happy World Bee day!

May 20, 2022

Bees are integral to the preservation of ecological balance and biodiversity in nature. They provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services, i.e. pollination, which is what makes food production possible. By so doing, they protect and maintain ecosystems as well as animal and plant species, contributing to genetic and biotic diversity.
Bees and other pollinators contribute to the pollination of nearly three-quarters of plants, which produce 90% of the world’s food. A third of the world’s food production depends on bees! That means every third spoonful of food depends on pollination.

Anyone can contribute in their own way to the protection and well-being of bees and other pollinators by following small but important steps:

  •  Planting melliferous flowers (honey producing) for decorative purposes on balconies, terraces, and gardens.
  • Buying honey and other hive products from your nearest local beekeeper.
  • Raising awareness among children and adolescents as to the importance of bees and expressing your support for beekeepers. We have some brilliant insect/bee houses to enthuse kids in the garden! 
Bee and insect houses, Bumbles May 2022
Bee and insect houses, Bumbles May 2022
  • Preserving old meadows – which feature a more diverse array of flowers – and sow nectar-bearing plants.
  • Cutting grass on meadows only after the nectar-bearing plants have finished blooming.
  • Offer suitable farming locations for the temporary or permanent settlement of bees so that they have suitable pasture; as a consequence, they will pollinate our plants, which will thereby bear more fruit.

If absolutely necessary, use pesticides that do not harm bees and only spray them in windless weather, either early in the morning or late at night, when bees withdraw from blossoms.

Mulch blooming plants in orchards and vineyards before spraying them with pesticides so that they do not attract bees after being sprayed.

At Bumbles, we’re all about bees and today we’re creating a buzz in their honour! So pop down to Bumbles and get your weekend planting plans into place with some bee-attracting flora, then why not treat yourself to a bee-utiful coffee at Bumbles Café! 

Bee themed coffee at Bumbles cafe, May 2022
Bee and insect houses, Bumbles May 2022
Bee themed coffee at Bumbles cafe, May 2022

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