Getting started with Seed Potatoes

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Getting started with Seed Potatoes

Feb 22, 2021

The final garden job we would like to share for the month of February is all about vegetable gardens.

Potatoes! Seed potatoes are now in here at Bumbles and potatoes are very easy to grow in containers or bags on your patio as well as in your veg garden / allotment. If you have a new veg garden or allotment, planting potatoes as a first crop helps break up the deep ground and encourages you to dig!

“Chit” potatoes (encourage roots to grow) in an egg box or seed tray in a nice light frost-free place – windowsills are great for this. When the tendrils have shot out to about an inch or so they are ready for planting – keep earthing them up as the shoots grow (add more soil) to give you a better harvest. Salad and first early varieties will give you a nice crop early in the season too. See our seed potato growing guide for harvesting guidelines.

If you have veg beds or raised beds, weed these thoroughly and find any overwintering snails to reduce the population! Dig in any fresh well-rotted manure or organic material and cover your beds with a ‘weedstop’ fabric to make ready for fresh planting. We have an excellent range of seeds and propagation equipment here at Bumbles for you to get plants started, plus we will have a fantastic range of vegetable plug plants soon, traditional and heritage varieties as well as the ever-popular grafted plants.

We hope you have enjoyed February’s garden jobs that we have shared with you, and that they have been informative and enjoyable to read. We look forward to seeing you soon!

February garden jobs - seed potatoes, Bumbles February 2021

Getting started with growing seed potatoes, February in the garden with Bumbles 2021

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