The Gardener’s Calendar in June

See the kind cattle drowsing in the shade,
And hear the bee about his amorous trade,

                  – Vita Sackville West

Gerbera flowers at Bumbles, June 2021

Sunrise & Sunset times…

June, mid-summer’s day means we have lots of daylight to enjoy the garden. The weather though can be extremely changeable from year to year with temperatures down to 5C and over 20C not uncommon. In general though southern England is a glorious place to be in June and there is plenty of colour in the garden now. Summer bedding will be well established (there’s still time to get some in) and early perennials will be in bloom with later flowering plants not far behind.


June tasks for the Garden:

  1. Grass need mowing weekly but try not to do it when it is wet.
  2. Disbud hybrid tea roses to encourage larger blooms, remove suckers and spray against aphids.
  3. Remove faded flowers on Rhododendrons
  4. Feed, spike and top dress ornamental lawns if they’re not too soggy
  5. Cut down early flowering perennials. Some will provide a late second flush of flowers in mild autumns
  6. Pinch out tips of leading shoots on Dahlias to encourage bushy plants. If aphids are a problem spray.
  7. Support tall growing annuals.
  8. Prick off seedlings of biennials to give the strongest ones more room to grow.
  9. Cut back bearded Irises after flowering. Support stems of larger flowering varieties.
  10. Cover fruit bushes with netting if birds are a problem
  11. Peg down strawberry runners to provide young plants or next year
  12. Keep house plants watered and feed with house plant liquid feed once a week/fortnight.

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