The Gardener’s Calendar in January

Chill January’s snow falls thick and fast
Propelled by blinding blizzard’s biting blast,
C Richard Miles

Sunrise & Sunset times…

January can bring some dry bright sunny days for the keen gardener but it’s still usually very cold so not much will be growing now. Nevertheless there is still plenty to do in the garden to make sure you are ahead of the game when the warmer weather arrives.

If it’s too cold or wet outside spend the time planning for the coming year’s gardening successes!

January’s garden task list:

  1. Stake any plants which might get damaged by prolonged snow falls or gales
  2. Clear away dead leaves from borders (they’ll harbour slugs and snails)
  3. Clear borders and lawns of fallen leaves and fallen fruit
  4. Repair broken lawn edges. Use “plant-any-time” seeds on bare patches
  5. Ventilate the Greenhouse on warmer days. Give it a spring clean too!
  6. Recycle Christmas Trees
  7. Order early seed potatoes
  8. Rough dig fallow areas. The frosts will help break down the soil and improve it for the spring
  9. Plant new fruit trees and bushes, new roses etc
  10. Trim woody hardy perennials back and replace any weak/old ones
  11. Keep bird feeders stocked. A variety of foods will attract a variety of birds
  12. Make sure you have fresh water available for the wildlife, especially in icy weather

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