February Garden Maintenance

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February Garden Maintenance

Feb 10, 2021

Another important garden job to ensure you do before the spring is general garden maintenance and tidying!

Be sure to cut down deciduous ornamental grasses (Miscanthus, Pennisetum, Molinia, etc) that are in the garden to tidy them up before the fresh new shoots appear. You don’t want to be cutting these shoot tips otherwise it will stunt the growth. Grasses that have become too large for the border can be dug up and divided to maintain their girth, which in turn provide new plants for elsewhere in the garden.

Naturalise snowdrops, bluebells, and winter aconites in shaded areas of the garden – plant fresh potted bulbs that are already showing, and if you have existing plantings dig these up, divide and replant to form new colonies.

If you think that a particular deciduous shrub is not performing where its sited or you want to change its location, now is the time to dig it up, carefully preserving as much of the root ball as possible and replant – add some fresh compost to the native soil, water in (if it’s not raining!) and mulch well. All your existing flowering shrubs will benefit from an application of slow-release fertilizer and a mulch to improve the soil and drainage.

Plenty to keep you occupied in the garden in February!

Garden maintenance tips for February from Bumbles, February 2021

Jobs for February in the garden, from Bumbles February 2021

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