Early Season Hebes

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Early Season Hebes

Feb 4, 2022

We have a fantastic selection of early-season Hebes now in-store, with a great range of new and old favourites available ready for the garden, a well trusted must-have for any garden.

Originally grown for their abundant flowers and undemanding nature, Hebes are now becoming equally sought after for their fabulous foliage


  • They’re neat, compact and low maintenance.
  • They’re generous with their flower spikes which come in shades of blue, pink, lilac, purple and white.
  • Butterflies love them.
  • The textures as well as the colours of their leaves bring year-round interest to the garden; some also add a great structural element.
  • They make stylish container plants.
  • They vary in size and many are perfect for small gardens.
  • They suit all styles of gardens from contemporary and cottage to wild meadow gardens.

You know where to find them…. Bumbles!

Hebe collection at Bumbles Plant Centre

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