Coreopsis “Tickseed”

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Coreopsis “Tickseed”

Jun 24, 2021

The Bumbles team would like to share some information about summer long flowering perennials, that will be great additions to the garden for the summer.

Today we will talk about Coreopsis! Coreopsis or also known as Tickseed is a sun-loving, low maintenance perennial with daisy-like flowers. They’re long-blooming and happy to grow in poor, sandy or rocky soil.

Coreopsis is commonly known as tickseed, due to the unusual shape of their seed capsules.

We hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing you here at Bumbles soon!

Coreopsi "tickseed" flowering perennial at Bumbles, June 2021

Coreopsi "tickseed" flowering perennial at Bumbles, June 2021

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