Clematis ‘Queen of the Vines’

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Clematis ‘Queen of the Vines’

May 18, 2022

Our wide range of Clematis are in full blooming glory, in particular our Clematis Avalanche on a frame. This showy looker brings the wow factor every time and is a must for any Summer garden.

Indigenous to China and Japan, Clematis have been popular in European gardens since the mid-19th century. Known as the ‘Queen of Vines’, there are few plants that can match its beauty.

The name Clematis is derived from the Greek word ‘klema’, meaning climbing or branching. And this is what they do, covering archways and trellises and scrambling through trees, roses and shrubs, whether in the ground or in pots.

With over 400 cultivars in a range of shapes and colours, this vast little vine is loved by all. Find your favourite Clematis and lots of other climbers at Bumbles. 

Clematis Avalanche in bloom at Bumbles, May 2022

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