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*** Bumbles Easter Egg Hunt ***

Mar 31, 2018

Last clue to find our mystery plant – buy one today (Easter Saturday) and claim your free Malteaser Easter egg
(One per customer – While stocks last)

This is certainly a plant that keeps giving. From it’s first blooms which I’ve known to appear as early as April and May, it will continue to flower well into the early frosts of autumn. Yes, it gets a little straggly and yes it can grow to cover an immense area but a little pruning and deadheading is all is takes to keep this member of the wallflower family thriving and in shape. It’s easy to grow, needs very little maintenance to keep flowering and, especially if you’ve got a starter garden and need some quick and colourful coverage, will fill gaps quickly.

Hope to see you today !

Mystery Plant revealed - Erysimum Bowles Mauve

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