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Bulbs, birds and Vitax

Oct 12, 2023

October at Bumbles

I think we’re all unsure of what to expect from this month with its new found influx of sunshine, but we can certainly feel Autumn in the air. October brings on new gardening jobs, including replacing those summer flowers and planting Spring flowering bulbs. As well as having a good tidy up in the garden of those falling leaves and scrubbing moss covered driveways. You can find everything you need in store at Bumbles this month. 

Bulb Planting Time

As the ground begins to soften this month, bulb planting begins. From Alliums to Tulips, we have a great selection of bulbs to choose from.

Plan your planting scheme and select your bulbs for staggered flowering so you have colour all the way into May.

While stocks last, loyalty card customers get a free bag of bulb starter when they spend £20 or more on bulbs.

It's bulb planting time, great choice of bulbs at Bumbles, October 2023
Bulb planting baskets available at Bumbles, October 2023

Have you tried bulb baskets?

Plant your bulbs in baskets and once the flowers have finished simply lift out and place out of sight in the shed or garage. Then swap for another basket which flowers next.

Lastly, October welcomes our delivery of Amaryllis planters, perfect for gifts or home decor and our eagerly anticipated garlic and red onion sets.

Don’t Forget The Birds!

Feeding your birds is especially important in Autumn and Winter. In cold weather (although it doesn’t feel like it now!), birds require high-energy/high-fat foods such as suet and fatballs. This enables them to maintain their fat reserves to survive those frosty nights. Try to maintain a routine to your feeding, the birds will begin to learn and time their visits accordingly! Adjust the quantity of feed to fit the demand, uneaten food can lead to dirty feeders and disease. Good hygiene is vital in all seasons.

To help with the demand, we have two offers in store to help bulk up your birds, take advantage of 3 for £5 on our suet coconuts and buy one get one free on 6 pack superior fatballs.

Feed the birds this winter with Henry Bell Suet Coconut Halves & Seed and Nut balls, Bumbles October 2023
Vitax compost back in stock at Bumbles, October 2023

The wait is over… Vitax Compost is back in stock

A premium grade compost for use all around the garden, it can be used for seed sowing, pricking out, cuttings and potting, all year round.

Q4 Multipurpose Compost with John Innes helps promote roots and support strong growth and has been formulated to retain moisture whilst allowing adequate drainage to prevent water-logging.

The inclusion of Q4 high quality fertilisers ensures Vitax Multipurpose Compost with John Innes is perfectly balanced for plants of all ages. Feed lasts up to six weeks after initial planting. After this time, plants should be fed every six weeks with a suitable feed or additional fertiliser.

Logs In Stock

Prep those log burning stoves for the impending cold. Or enjoy these warmer evenings whilst you can with some wood fueled fire pits. Take advantage of our Buy 5 Get 1 Free offer on logs and kindling, exclusively for our loyalty card customers. We keep our kiln dried logs out of the elements to ensure they are dry, which eases burning and reduces smoke.

If you’re in need of a log store or chest this winter, they are available for home delivery in store today!

We also sell covers for your firepits, furniture and BBQs in winter storage.

Logs in stock, with Loyalty card offers, at Bumbles, October 2023

Freshen Those Baskets and Borders

Last month we introduced you to our extensive autumn/winter bedding collection and we’ve received great feedback on our collection. As a result, we’ve kept it coming and you won’t be left short handed if you’ve still got a pot or border left in your garden that needs sprucing. What we often forget to replenish and revamp is our hanging baskets. We have some fantastic pre-pack mixed collections ready to swap out those sad summer flowers. As well as premade hanging baskets for those who are starting from scratch or after instant impact.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Bumbles!

Garden Cocktails 'Symphony' at Bumbles, October 2023
Garden Cocktails 'Rhapsody' at Bumbles, October 2023
Garden Cocktails 'Melody' at Bumbles, October 2023
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