Building a Rockery Planter

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Building a Rockery Planter

Aug 29, 2019

Building a rockery planter with alpine and other dry plants can be a fantastic alternative to standard bedding planters.

It’s a very easy process, so as you can see in the photo 1 simply prepare your planter with some nice fresh multi-purpose compost and add some alpine grit or other form of horticultural group to it to to add drainage.

Now as in photo 2 to we select our plants based on our interest in structure, some height and some interest as well as as colour.

As you can see see, we haven’t selected any particularly flowering plants although the thyme will produce a flower and the sagina will also form a nice mossy carpet with some small flowers, the rest of it is simply colourful foliage.

In photo 3, we have selected some nice with stratification layers but you could quite easily go for slate, cotswold stone or beach cobbles, and we have a nice selection here at Bumbles!
Now as in photo 4 place out your plants and stones before you start putting them into the planter so that you can move things around and get a feel for the final look.

Then plant them out and in photo 5 you can see the finished product, plus we’ve added a touch of whimsy with a fairy night light!

Come into Bumbles Plant Centre to see us, and if you need any advice we’re always happy to help!

How to Build a Rockery Planter with Bumbles Plant Centre

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