Bird feed

Natural beauty will keep your garden buzzing…

At Bumbles Plant Centre we hold a wide range of feeds for you to choose from, in various sizes to suit your needs. From Seed mix to suet treats we hope you can find what you need from our list below.

The RSPB and BTO recommend year round feeding as the birds you attract will become reliant on the food you put out. So, it is very important to keep feeding them. Put the feed out twice a day, everyday. First thing in the morning and then again in the middle of the afternoon to ensure there is always enough for them.

Flutter Butter bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Flutter Butter

Rich, nutritious and irresistible peanut butter for a wide range of species. Delivers a powerful year-round protein boost. Naturally low in salt. Comes in fruity, original (peanut butter) and buggy flavour.

Suet Tiffins available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Suet Tiffins

Suet pellets (available in berry flavour and with mealworms), suitable for suet feeders and bird tables. High in energy for all year round.

Mixed Suet Pellets available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Mixed Suet Pellets

(1KG, 3KG) Yellow: Suet with insect red: Suet with Berries Mixed: An equal blend of 4 types of highly nutritious suet pellets – berry, insect, peanut and fruit, an excellent and nutritious food, high in calories and very easily digested. Best fed in hanging baskets and/or suet pellet feeders.

Suet Balls - bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
High Energy Fat Balls - bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Fat Balls

Johnston & Jeff fat balls are made with suet, cereals and seeds. They are specially forumlated to attract birds and to fortify, feed and nourish them. “No other fat balls come close” fat balls provide much needed energy for birds and help substitute insect protein over winter.

Wild Bird Feed available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Wild Bird Food

(20KG, 12.75KG, 2KG, 1KG) 
Feed-all-year blend to attract a wide variety of birds. Nutrient rich, groats not oats. Contains: Wheat, Black Oil Sunflower, Split Maize, Red Dari, various small seeds, natural Groats, White Millet and Vegetable oil. No cheap fillers, excellent for hanging feeders as well as on tables. Supplement with mealworms, suet pellets and fat balls for best effect. .

Premium Wild Bird Seed available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Premium Wild Bird Seeds

(2kg) The very best, wheat free with suet. Top nutrient levels and husk free = no mess or waste. Attracts a wide variety of birds such as Starlings, Nuthatches, Blackbirds, Yellow Hammers, Wrens, Siskin, Finches and Chaffinches. Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Natural Groats, White Millet, Red Dari, Split Mazie, Canary Seed, Wild Seeds, White Dari, Peanut Granules, Berry Suet Pellets, Insect Suet Pellets, Vegetable Oil, Aniseed Oil.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

(750G) A big favourite with many species, including Blue Tits, Bramblings, Chaffinches, Dunnocks, Gold Finches, Great Tits, Sparrows and Yellow Hammers.

Sunflower Hearts - bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Sunflower Hearts

(2KG) Produced from black oil sunflower seeds, which contain the highest levels of oil and therefore energy. Excellent for all birds, with the exception of Pipits and Wrens which prefer mealworms and insects, when available. Best fed from specialist feeder or table.

Suet Coconut

(Fat Feast) Natural half coconut shells filled with high energy suet and extras. Comes with a cord for hanging.

Nyjer / Niger seed available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Nyjer/Niger Seed

(1KG) Niger/Nyjer is easily digestible, correctly graded and oil and protein rich. Excellent for Tits, Finches and Siskins. Requires specialist feeder for use.

Peanuts available from Bumbles Plant Centre

(1KG, 2KG) Specially selected high graded peanuts. Test for Aflatoxin and free from mould, dust, much and infestation. Especially good for Blue Tits, Bramblings, Bullfinches, Great Tits, Green Finches, Sparrows, Nuthatch, Buntings, Siskin, Song Thrushes and Starlings. Strongly recommended that whole peanuts are only fed from wire mesh feeders, as smaller birds and fledglings can choke on them.

Robin & Songbird feed available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Robin and Songbird

(2KG) An all year premium blend. Especially good for small and slender beaked species such as wrens, Pipits, Mistle Thrushes, Linnets and Robins. Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oatmeal, Peanut Granules, White Millet, Dried Mealworms and Vegetable Oil.

Suet Square Blocks - bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Suet Blocks


  • Bugs and berries – high in antioxidants and extra Vitamin C.
  • Worms and insects – high in invertebrate protein.
  • Multi- pack – pack of 5 mixed suet blocks.
Dried Mealworms bird food available at Bumbles Plant Centre
Dried Mealworms

(100G, 500G) Superb source of high energy proteins. Essential for all year round feeding. Absolute favourite for birds such as Robins, Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes.

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