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Did you know we have approx. 24 million gardens, covering about 670,000 acres, in the UK?! That gives us lots of potential to play our part in helping to provide natural habitats and havens for wildlife in our outside spaces. Our gardens contain a wide variety of insects, birds, mammals and amphibians, who all help to make our gardens more interesting and enjoyable. And if we manage our gardens to benefit wildlife, we can also help many of our declining species, such as hedgehogs, bats, sparrows, song thrushes and stag beetles. Even the smallest outdoor space can have an impact: growing climbers up a fence, planting up a window box or installing a bird feeder are all helpful and don’t take up much room.

At Bumbles, caring for wildlife is as important to us as our plants are, and our range of bird care & wildlife products reflects this. We also have a wide range of plants which will help to attract wildlife to your garden, providing food, nesting materials and places to breed and overwinter. Have a chat to our staff and we’ll help you find the right products to make your garden look beautiful, and still be a haven for the local birds and bugs.

Buy Flutter Butter natural bird food at Bumbles

‘Flutter Butter’ Bird Food

A jar of Flutter Butter from Bumbles is a food high in energy, which is especially good in cold winter weather but a perfect feed to use all the year through.

Birds love these jars of peanut butter – but it’s not the same as the stuff you might put on toast, which contains too much salt.

This rich, nutrious peanut butter is naturally low in salt and comes in a variety of flavours, including fruity, original (peanut butter) and buggy.

Buy Flutter Butter Treehouse bird feeder at Bumbles
Buy I Love Hedgehogs food from Jacobi Jayne at Bumbles

Hedgehog Food

‘I Love Hedgehogs’ from Jacobi Jayne, is a nutritious complementary food for hedgehogs which really can help them thrive in the garden. Created using the latest research, this food gives adult & baby hedgehogs an energy boost and can be used year round. You don’t need to give them much – serve like you would a treat – and make sure you leave fresh water nearby.

Buy I Love Hedgehogs food from Jacobi Jayne at Bumbles

Bird Feeders

We stock a range of feeders for every budget, type of feed and preference, including  quality bird feeders from Johnston & Jeff. They’re strong, well-made, and thoughtfully designed for all types of seeds and seed blends.

The handles are stainless steel with carbon-steel fitted lids. The carbon-steel bases are sloped with drain holes to any water will drain away – say goodbye to soggy seeds!

Buy Johnstone and Jeff premium wild bird feeding station at Bumbles

Bird Feeding Stations

A lovely decorative way to host a variety of bird feeders in your garden.

We stock deluxe & premium wild bird feeding stations from Johnston & Jeff, as well as Chapel Wood Original & Complete Dining Stations, made from powder coated steel with twin hooks, birdbath, mesh tray and feeding hook.

Buy Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder at Bumbles

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

We stock the ‘Squirrel Buster Classic‘ bird feeder and a variety of other caged types.

These clever feeders use technology to help keep squirrels – and bigger birds – away to give the smaller birds a chance.

Buy insect houses and bug boxes at Bumbles

Insect Hotels, Houses & Bug Boxes

Bug boxes and insect hotels make ideal shelters for all kinds of insects, from ladybirds, butterflies, lacewings and moths to bees and other pollinators. Installing an insect house is a great way to bring more wildlife into your garden and we have a variety for you to choose from at Bumbles.

Insect hotels for Bees at Bumbles
Buy Solitary Honeycomb Insect House at Bumbles

Looking for ideas on helping wildlife in your garden?

Gardens contain many micro-habitats which are incredibly important for wildlife and you can make a difference by adding a new feature to your garden. Here are a few ideas from the team at Bumbles:

  • Introduce a water feature or pond – big or small (even just a buried bucket will do!), or a shallow water bath for birds and other insects.
  • Build an insect hotel – you can buy a ready made bug box or insect hotel from Bumbles or make your own! It’s a fun & easy project providing shelter for beetles, spiders and other insects. Solitary bees use insect hotels by collecting pollen in the tubes, laying their eggs and then covering with more pollen. Once the eggs hatch, the young bees feed on the pollen and then works their way out and fly away.
  • Mow the grass less frequently – once every four weeks in the summer will allow plants like daisies and white clover to flower.
  • Create a wild flower section of the garden – making space for butterflies and boosting pollination production.
  • Plant a wide range of plants and include lots of bee-friendly flowers – use native species if possible. The RHS website has some great suggestions for patio plants for bees.
  • Install a nesting box for bats and birds – put it up high in a sheltered area.
  • Make your own compost – use raw (not cooked) food, it’s great for your soil and will provide a habitat for worms, woodlice and lots of other insects.
  • Leave a gap in the fence – make sure you don’t block the bottom of your fence as this allows wildlife, such as hedgehogs and frogs, to move through and helps link different habitats.
  • Visit The Wildlife Trust’s website for more ideas and inspiration on helping wildlife.

Come to Bumbles and see what a difference being independent makes!

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