Benefits of Autumn Tree Planting

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Benefits of Autumn Tree Planting

Nov 24, 2021

We often think that autumn is just about putting the garden to ‘bed’ for the winter, and wait until the spring before planting out anything new. But autumn is actually the perfect time for planting trees, and here are a few reasons why:

  • In autumn, trees have stopped putting their energy into producing leaves, flowers and fruit so they can concentrate on developing better roots.
  • Soil temperature and moisture levels are usually just right for promoting root growth which helps the tree to establish
  • Autumn planting lessens transplant shock which allows the tree settle into its new home more readily
  • Trees planted in autumn will have developed a good root system by the time they start growing again in spring
  • There is less need to water trees planted in autumn as there is more natural rainfall and the ground is usually consistently moist
  • As well as stronger growth in spring, trees planted in autumn will need less watering the following summer as they will have a more established root system
  • There are fewer potential pest and disease problems to deal with in autumn and winter

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If you’ve bought your tree, check out our tree planting video guides – everything you need to know in just over a minute!

Benefits of Autumn Tree Planting

Benefits of Autumn Tree Planting

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