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Begonia Bonfire

Jun 12, 2021

Another great summer bedding plant here at Bumbles! This week we would like to talk about Begonia Bonfire.

Begonia Bonfire is a bright, heavy-blooming flower, with bell-shaped, red-orange flowers. This flower continues to bloom from late spring to autumn.

Currently here at Bumbles, we have an excellent deal for our Begonia Bonfire which is great for hanging baskets. We have 11cm pots, which are priced at £4.99 each, but when you buy 6 or more, they go down to £4.50 each.

Come down to Bumbles and make the most of this deal before it is gone!

Begonia Bonfire, striking summer bedding at Bumbles, June 2021


Come to Bumbles and see what a difference being independent makes!

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