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Autumn garden advice

Sep 29, 2022

October brings the autumn leaves and with it, plenty of jobs to do in the garden. Keep harvesting those crops and tidying and maintaining plants and equipment. Here’s a list of things to get started with:

  • Net ponds to remove any leaf litter
  • Clean, disinfect and prepare cold frames and greenhouses for autumn sowing and growing
  • Wash off shading and line the greenhouse with bubble insulation ready for winter temperatures
  • Spring-flowering bulbs are here! Plant daffodils, crocus and hyacinths for glorious colour in spring
  • Continue to deadhead annuals and perennials, such as roses, to prolong their performance
  • Harvest, harvest and harvest! Too many? Try freezing, drying, pickling and storing all your fruit and vegetables
  • Cheer up borders and pots with winter colours – such as heathers, pansies, cyclamen and skimmia
  • Aerate your lawn with a fork or dedicated tool. Also, give it a good feed with an autumn fertiliser, rich in potassium and low in nitrogen
  • Control leatherjackets with a biological control (nematodes).
  • Improve clay soil before it becomes too wet or frozen by incorporating organic matter or sow green manure seeds
  • Remove saucers and raise pots off the ground for the winter by using pot feet, to prevent waterlogging and pots breaking
  • Lift and pot up tender perennials such as chocolate cosmos, ganzanias and coleus to protect inside over winter
  • Plant evergreen shrubs and trees
  • If the temperature drops, fleece up your banana plants and tree ferns
  • Take hardwood cuttings from ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Sow peas and broad beans
  • Cut back hedgerows so long as the birds have stopped nesting.

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