Autumn bedding packs

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Autumn bedding packs

Sep 24, 2021

A nice range of colourful packs for your autumn/ winter bedding have arrived just in time for the weekend.

This week’s arrivals include Alpine, Hebe and Heather 6 packs, as well as some lovely looking mixed autumn and winter bedding 6 packs, which are fantastic value for tub and basket displays.

We also have a range of Cyclamens in 10.5cm, 1 Litre and in 4 packs available and looking big and colourful ready for the garden!

We hope you enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you soon.

Violas & Hebe for autumn planting at Bumbles, September 2021
Autumn bedding, cyclamen and heathers at Bumbles September 2021

Violas for autumn tubs and baskets, Bumbles September 2021

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